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Side work part


The work was not our priority when we welcomed Ar' wan in our family.

Confidential race, the czecoslovakian wolfdog interests many persons, and it is with the big curiosity that Ar' wan was welcomed by the professional which trained our rottweilers.

A dozen courses allowed us to see that the czecoslovakian wolfdogwas really capable for the education. These sessions also allowed us to confront the reactions of the czecoslovakian wolfdog to the other more common races, the German shepherd, or Labrador.


The first approach of the work stopped there, and we concentrated our efforts on the dogshow.

After good about fifteen dogshows, in spite of signs of improvements, Ar' wan always arrested with difficulty its outside, remaining world excessively suspicious with regard to the foreigner and to the judges also.

The obtaining of the CAC of the National of Breeding of the CBEI in Nevers in 2006, and the failure during the presentation in the first TAN (test of character) determined a new orientation of the career of Ar' wan towards the work, afin notably to validate its championship of France 2006!


After a training of week in October, 2006, strong of many hopes, Ar' wan began a training from March, 2007 till June, 2007 with Lionel MARTINEZ within the structures of the Mollynière de Lo' Scale.

This period also allowed to get closer to Eastern countries of Europe, Ar' wan benefiting from financial efforts of the Mollynière of Lo' Scale to participate in the major dogshow like National of breeding in Czech Rep., National of Breed Club in Hungarym and the Eurodogshow.


With a more complete program, Ar' wan benefited from efforts of Lorry LECLERC and Lionel MARTINEZ to work:

- The socialization in urban zones (for the TAN),

- The apprehension of new situations (for the TAN)

- The obedience (for a patent of obedience),

- The pistage (for a patent of pisting)

If the TAN was obtained in July, 2007, the obtaining of the patents of obedience and pisting are still for the program.


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