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Peculiarities and uses

  A very specific behavior  

The imprint of the wolf is inevitable on the behavior of the czecoslovakian wolfdog.

The boss word for this race is the SOCIALIZATION. She has to intervene very early.

It is very fast necessary to accustom puppies to the contemporary noises, to the human contact, then to get loose from their fratrie via exits on foot, in car. This phase is essential to avoid any behavior which would look for the ease of the wolf like behavior.

Attached to his boss, the demonstrations of tenderness of the czecoslovakian wolfdog are rare but often overflowing with energy ! It does not nevertheless take charge many of his boss seemingly when he knows where he is, and for it, never leaves it of sight.


The czecoslovakian wolfdog is usually reserved to the foreigners … Nevertheless, certain subjects can show themselves overflowing, jumping on the persons and nibbling them with energy. If it is not spontaneously a guard, his very dissuasive aspect will be complete from the development of the sense of the territory to the contact of races guards, as the rottweiler for example. Barking little, the czecoslovakian wolfdog will be capable of roaring, in a hoarse and grave voice, what will not miss a magic in the first times, but can turn out very fast annoying for the neighbours.


Tolerating with the children,it will so behave with puppies. As the wolf, the adults are going to tolerate the worst jokes of puppies, these last ones being crowned because bearer of the hopes of the race. Male can take charge too of the reach, with the approval of the female.

The czecoslovakian wolfdog will obey much more than another race the hierarchical rules of the pack, so tracing on the wolf. The meetings with their congeners of the same race are astonishing, dogs recognizing far off and are capable of getting easily some with the others.

  Health and robustness  

The longevity of the czecoslovakian wolfdog is remarkable for a dog of this size: 13 - 14 years.

It benefits especially from the best trump cards from his direct ancestor: the wolf. So, it will be characterized by a big robustness, not being afraid of the bad weather and of harshness of the climate.

Its recovery in the effort is impressive. During the initial selection, the comparison between German shepherd and the czecoslovakian wolfdog showed that this last one could get back 4 times as fast that the German shepherd, its direct ancestor.

The set of teeth of the race is very strong. Considering a lengthened snout, they seem excessively big and sharp.


Initially stemming from a military program, the czecoslovakian wolfdog presents capacities for different uses. However, the success for the one or other one of these depends on the very subject. It will be capable of the best if it understands that it pleases his boss and if this last one found the activity which amuses it and for whom he is going to turn out particularly motivated.

Among the met uses, we shall count the pistage and utilitarian search, the obedience, agility, stamina and as husky. The caustic is forbidden in France, however the czecoslovakian wolfdog reaches its disciplines where he knows how to be successful in the countries of origin.

  Some advices  

We cannot imagine to acquire a czecoslovakian wolfdog to leave it alone, without activity, such a statue in the garden … To acquire a czecoslovakian wolfdog, it is above all necessary of the availability !

With the space, it is necessary especially of the human company, especially first months of its life. The presence of another dog, if this one is already well educated, will allow to accelerate the integration of the czecoslovakian wolfdog within the family.

To foresee adapted structures is necessary, for example an electric fence more effective than a wire netting of 2,50 m.


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