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Ar' wan, 19-month-old champion


High dogshow aptitudes discovery

From the first dogshow, in the CACIB of Bordeaux in January, 2006, in young class, the tone was given onto the qualities of Ar' wan with regard to the standard of the CLT.

Judged by Mr . STEFIK, one of the specialists of the race (Slovak), Ar' wan had obtained the best of young, bowing for the best of race against its uncle Champion of France ULO du Center Moloss Club.

The judge had left no doubt on the morphological value of Ar' wan, regretting this day there too young in moving.



Fast ascension day, no ambiguity

Confirmation 3 months later, when Ar' wan obtains Best in Young Show (better dog of exhibition(exposure)) in the CACIB of Limoges...

From then on, things were very fast carried away. Ar' wan obtains its first CACIB-CAC in May, 2006, to San Sebastian, in 15 months hardly!

It chains then 2 major dogshow of Spain and France (championship SCC) where it obtains the RCACIB+RCAC, having been first place in intermediary class.

The objectives are clear: the championships of France and Spain are then accessible !


In September, 2006: the coronation

The national of Breeding of the CBEI arrives on September 3rd. The perfect performance since May let suspect the outcome of the efforts. Handler and dog were adjusted better and better...

Which emotion when the arm of the judge indicated Ar' wan as winner of the CAC of the National of Breeding. The championship of France is almost acquired. The obtaining of the CAC in Special of race in Orlêans under a Hungarian judge will confirm the title missed the TAN, and it was necessary to wait for the next National of Breeding...

2 weeks later, to Vigo, to the border of Portugal and Spain, Ar' wan is still imperative and so confirms its accessibility in conformance with Champion of Spain.

2 CAC more (Barcelona and Saragossa) will validateit.


Spring, 2007: the international

Henceforth the career of Ar' wan will take 2 orientations: that of the work, to obtain the TAN, and then the international towards the countries of origin, the countries of the Eastern Europe.

Before being confided during 4 months in breeding station to the Mollynière de Lo' Scale to be trained by Mr. MARTINEZ Lionel there, Ar' wan represents its race to the agricultural show or he will be preset among the winners of the CAC of the national of breeding of the 1st group.


HUNGARY: champion to 1 CAC near

Ar' wan participates in March to Nitra ( Czech Rep.) for the national of breeding, where he obtains a 3rd excellent in opened class.

Hardly of the validation of its championship of Spain, Ar' wan is then opened in Hungary where he will obtain 2 CACIB+3CAC, of which that of the national of the Hungarian club of race. The championship of Hungary will be validated if 1 year and 1 day later it obtains a new CAC.


Ar' wan, champion of France!

The National of Breeding 2007 to Chalette on Loing will allow Ar' wan to validate its championship of France by otaining the TAN, the last test which missed it for the title.

It takes advantage even of the occasion to impose upon 2 occasions in front of champion of France SCC on 2007, so confirming its high level in the French championship.



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