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Rencontres avec nos amis CLT

      CACIB of Budapest 2007  

Indeed beyond the cynophile competition, the CACIB of Budapest showed itself a real meeting betweenpassionate persons of Czechoslovakian wolfdogs.

Not satisfied to be able to meet Edith MOLNAR, Hungarian breeder of the affix " Crying Wolf " there, we were able to meet also Hana Kaufmanová of the affix there "Od Uhoste", Czech breeder.


The international exchanges are particularly enriching, and sources of good funs once past the language barrier!!!

In spite of their biggest experience, the owners of czecoslovakian wolfdogs of the countries of origin share similar subjects of reflection to the French greenhorns, concerning the behavior of the wolfdogs, or still the evolution of the race where the world livestock remains reduced.

  Meeting of Luçon 2006      

The Czechoslovakian wolfdogs in France represents the passion of one handles of men and women, the majority of which participate in the reflections on the future of their favourite race.

Motivated by the project ambitious to constitute a French structure to federate the French actors of the wolfdogs, the majority of them had given themselves meeting Luçon in July, 2006.


Under a hardly brightened up weekend, the meeting had begun on Saturday, 14 hour 00. 6:00 am of discussions which were concluded by a nice meal to the restaurant.

Sunday morning was allowed to elaborate a specific TAN in the race which was tested in the afternoon, in parallel of the holiday of the dog and the horse of Luçon.



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