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How did we arrive there ?


In 2005, we were already warned cynophiles.

With rottweilers 4, we had already ventured on the dogshow without much success in the education and the obedience to master our teddy bears. We had already begun some reaches with which we had taken a lot of pleasure, in spite of be tired of the first nights of watching of puppies or the sadness to see leaving the 2-month-old babies...

However, we decided to look for a new breed which would allow us to envisage the world of the dogshoz under another angle.


This breed thus had to be confidential or rare, original and it has to please us...

The first orientation was the " mastiff of the Tibet ". We stayed in the world of big dogs, we had appreciated their big teddy bear aspect.

The net sear starts of this new breed... It brought us at a Belgian breeder's where photos were magnificent but which also breed another race so mysterious, czecoslovakian wolfdog.

At the beginning, the first thought was: " Look the photos of wolves, it is original ". Then " but how can they have wolves??? " And thus naturally, the information concerning the race appeared more clearly: czecoslovakian wolfdog, group 1... Recent breed stemming from the crossing of wolf and from German shepherd etc....


The breed corresponded completely to our research, and this wolf like aspect was so FASCINATING...

The time of the contact with a first breeder and the second came who was the check!

The decision was taken in 2 days with all the regrets of such a haste... Indeed, we had not certainly understood the emotional specificities of the breed, its needs of socialization more important than the others, in brief, all the difficulties which watched for us and which were the price of such a peculiarity...


It does not matter, Ar' wan was there, and he was going to make us discover another facet of the cynophilie.

Finished the simply authoritarian orders... It already had to approach us and we have to confront Ar' wan outside to bring it the confidence which it did not have: taken out in the village, the course of obedience and dogshow.

Yes but here is... In front of the success of the first dogshow both from the point of view of the sociabilisation of our companion, and results of dogshows, we bit without reserve into this new passion, encouraged by all the czecoslovakian wolfdog owners met.


Today we participate humbly to make discover this breed in France on one hand, but also in Spain, to each of our exits in dogshow, pressing us on the victories of our champion Ar' wan of the Mollynière de Lo' Scale, and those of it partner Araya od Starkej.

We also participate in the promotion and the protection of the breed in France as member of the committee of breeding of the czecoslovakian wolfdog of the CBEI, and member of the Association of czecoslovakian wolfdog.

Finally, we realized this website to make discover at most of you, via its declension in several languages, this race fascinating that is the czecoslovakian wolfdog !


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