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Structures and installation


We are situated in border of a secondary road which connects Villeneuve / prize, one of 3 main cities of Lot-et-Garonne, with the highway, but also which is also way between Landes and the Dordogne or the Lot. It results from it regrettably a very important car traffic, what is particularly annoying when we are an owner of dog.

If we are worried of respecting the principles of not rambling of dogs, we are also forced to it, as every owner of Rottweiler, dog classed as 2nd category here in France. A fenced in cloture would have simply made the affair, if we did not have in our walls of the "athletes" capable of jumping cleverly 1,50 m installed at first and which are our czecoslovakian wolfdogs.

We implemented thus recently an electric cloture which we will display gradually around all our parks.


For a long time militating for the not use of garage, their installation results from the painful experience of ceaseless fights between our first 2 females.

Since these kennels (6 - 12 m²) and the parks of relaxation allow us the rotation of dogs by group of 4/5 in the house, the management of the cycles of heat, conflicts, or guests' reception which not sharing our dog point of view.

We try to make vary the compositon of the groups according to the characters, not so as to create fatal "alliances" in the stability of the pack.



The care and the treatments of wounds and other infections are also the frequent prize of every owner attentive to the health of his companions. Furthermore, with in the team of bipeds a holder of an educational training program as veterinarian assistant, this aspect sets some more of meaning.

To face these problems, we specially fitted out a special room, taking care of uiliser of the easily washable materials and désinfectables.

This room is also intended to manage stakes low difficult or 2 stakes low too much moved closer in the time, not allowing us to use the room of our house usually dedicated to it.


Kennels and houses buildings are a part of a closed set on about 2000 ².

To be able to warm up the paws of our babies, and also set up exercises of work or game with these last ones, we plan to enclose 6000m ² remaining. This year we put grass on already 1/3 of this surface.

The next stage will be to isolate this zone of the roadway.


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