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A little of history


Once upon a time in Czechoslovakia, at the end of the fifties...

As many of the other cynophiles sections, that of the nurses borders of Libejovice (Bohemia of the South), uses German shepherds for this period according to war.

The colonel KAREL HARLT, worried of improving the physical performances and the resistance of dogs, introduces an ambitious program of crossing of dogs with the wolf, to study the produced German shepherds, use the results and obtained products.

In 1958, a she-wolf, called BRITA, is coupled at first with the German shepherd Cesar z Brizoveho haje then in the German shepherd Kurt z Vaclavky. The stamina and the behavior of the obtained wolfdogs are studied, some of them are sent to Slovakia, then crossed with new German shepherds.


Another lineage of hybrid starts in the kennel of the police of Bychory, the wolf ARGO and the female German shepherd Astra.

The hybrids of 3rd then 4th generation can be incorporated into units military cynophiles.

Encouraged by the results of the works, which are then published, certain civilians are interested in the breeding of these wolfdogs, and the crossings with the B.A. continue with for objective the creation of a new race: the "czecoslovakian wolfdog" appear bit by bit.

In the 70s, in a difficult context further to the invasion of the country by the troops of the Warsaw Pact, dogs integrate the kennels of the nurses Slovak borders.

The program is not abandoned and a retrempage with the wolf Sarik is decided by chief warrant officer Frantisek Rosik. Sarik is then coupled with 2 hybrid females.

The criteria of race of the " czecoslovakian wolfdog" assert themselves, and its selection begins.

The last one retrempage of wolf is realized in 1983, via the crossing of the German shepherd BOJAR VON SCHOTTERHOF and the she-wolf Ledjy.

So, the race formed itself around 4 wolves and several German shepherds.

The official recognition of the breed is actual in 1982, at once followed by the foundation of the official club is based. In 1994, it is in the tour of the FCI to recognize the czecoslovakian wolfdog, to validate its standard and to entrust the responsibility of the race in Slovakia.

General-purpose dog, the czecoslovakian wolfdog come into the group of sheepdogs, with working test.

If the development of the breed was made in a concentric way in its country of origin, we shall note an important population of czecoslovakian wolfdog in Italy. In France, the race remains confidential.

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